Kate and David Ogg were told that one of their twins, Jamie, who was born prematurely at 27 weeks was pronounced clinically dead.

Doctors told her, “Jamie didn’t make it, we lost him.”

However, Kate kept talking to her baby, had him skin-to-skin and cuddled him for two hours. She told him that his sister Emily was okay and that he needed to be too. They said that they told him everything that they wanted to do with him as he grew up, trying to ‘entice’ him to stay with them.

Slowly, he started gasping for air more and more regularly.

They told her not to get her hopes up, as there was no way he could possibly make it.

But more and more Jamie kept moving his head, and when she put some breast milk on her finger, Jamie started sucking.


Now, Jamie and Emily are 5 months old and incredibly healthy!

In Australia, skin-on-skin care between a mother and a baby is called Kangaroo care, a method that has helped premature babies feed and keep warm, but in this case, it saved baby Jamie’s life.

It just goes to show you how a mother’s love trumps all the known medical science.

Video via World Inspirational Youtube

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