TV personality Sonia Kruger could be about to lose a number of high-paying sponsorships over her controversial comments about Muslim immigration.

Kruger, who hosts Today Extra, may lose her sponsors Target, Porsche and Swisse.

Dee Madigan, an advertising expert and executive creative director of Campaign Edge, told News Corp that organisations will be worried after her comments.

‘She’s absolutely a liability for them, in the short term at least,’ Madigan said.

‘Brands choose someone like Sonia Kruger because she doesn’t really stand for anything. She’s quite harmless, she’s nice and she’s non-offensive. But she’s gone totally out of safe territory.’

During a discussion on Monday, Kruger claimed there is a correlation between the number of Muslims in Australia and the number of terror attacks.

When probed by Lisa Wilkinson as to whether she wanted to see Muslim migration banned in Australia she said ‘yes, yes I would.”


Porsche were the first to respond to the claims they may pull their sponsorship saying ”’The unfortunate comments Sonia made are not in line with Porsche’s values in Australia, or our values globally,’ spokesman Paul Ellis said, according to News Corp.

‘We will take the situation into consideration and assess our relationship with Sonia, and what we may do about it.’ 

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