While today’s technology can do amazing things, and also be beneficial when it comes to education, more and more Australian schools are banning mobile devices as they are proving too distracting.

A Queensland school is the latest across the country to ban the devices to help encourage students to socialise face-to-face.

While some students have complained that the ruling will “ruin their social life”, Matthew Flinders Anglican College principal Stuart Meade is standing firm.

“We don’t want to see phones in the school grounds at all,” he told the Courier Mail.

“We want kids to pick up on facial cues,” Mr Meade said.

“They need to have meaningful conversations … otherwise it’s very easy to lapse into texting, and phones can become a security blanket as well as a vehicle for cyber-bullying.”

“Our mantra is ‘look up, not down’,” said Mr Meade


“Research shows phone use in schools has the potential to disrupt student wellbeing and concentration through issues of cyber-bullying, exposure to harmful material, and mental and physical health.”

“If it’s for an emergency use, that’s fine, but otherwise repeat offenders will be relieved of that digital distraction and parents informed.”

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