We all love a queen who isn’t too good, too famous, or too rich to share their finance secrets.

Since Cardi B is known for her “big fat checks, big large bills,” it was only right that Beautycon NYC asked her to deliver a full-blown Ted Talk of sorts about “Making Money Moves,” and boy did she deliver.

In Cardi fashion, the 26-year-old millionaire gave an unfiltered speech about how she got to where she is financially and she made sure to include how you can get there too. Check out a few of her foolproof money tips below!

1. Get Educated About Your Finances
“If you’re in college, take a business class,” Cardi told the audience. “I have to hire a business manager and pay extra money. So I depend on someone else to run my business. Sometimes the career that you study for will not make you happy one day, and you’ll want to become your own boss.”

2. “Pick A Career Where You Can Make A Whole F**kin’ Lot Of Money”
“If you don’t like it, it’s not worth going into debt and your credit card being f**ked up,” she said. “What’s the point of working to be a slave to bills.”


3. Fight For What You Want, Especially When It’s Equal Pay
“These men don’t hesitate to ask and that’s why they get what they want,” she explained. “Women be so scared to ask what we need and we’re too ashamed but these men don’t so?”

Cardi also gave a personal anecdote to support her advice, detailing a time when she noticed male rappers were getting paid more when she was when they hosted events together. “Why is this man making more money than me when I’m the one who brings b*tches?” she asked one day, before delivering an ultimatum — she wouldn’t do another club appearance until she started getting paid equally, and it worked!

4. Don’t Put Too Much Pressure On Yourself To Save Money
“You can save money when you can afford to save money,” Cardi told the crowd. “How you going to save money when you have bills to pay? Don’t go off the hype of people.”

5. Money Is The Motive, Not The D (You don’t really need the D you need the money!)
“Y’all be getting d*ckmitized,” she said. “I could be saving instead of trying to impress [a man’s] stinking a**.”

6. Watch & Learn (That’s the cheat code)
“The internet has so many ways to make money, but you don’t even notice that because you’re so focused on, ‘Who is Cardi B? Who is Kim Kardashian?’ I wish I knew how poppin’ Instagram was because I would be selling all those things, this and that. Watch the bloggers’ recipe because you can be doing the same sh*t. I watch how Kylie Jenner became a f**king billionaire!” she admitted.

7. Stay “Chasing The Bag”


(quotes shared via THR)

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Article: Lauren Crawford

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