Mobile phones could be banned from work Christmas parties, as bosses take a hard-line on office party shenanigans.

One law firm has warned that banning smart phones could be the smartest idea to ensure nothing offensive ends up online or shared across the company.

Slater and Gordon employment lawyer Henry Pill said workers could be sacked for inappropriate tweeting or texting during work parties.

“Don’t drink and text,’’ he told The Daily Telegraph.

According to The Daily Telegraphy, Employment lawyer Michael Coates, a director of Bennett & Philp Lawyers, has alerted bosses that staff can sue colleagues for posting party antics on social media without their knowledge.

“An employer might also be held accountable for uploaded material if an aggrieved employee successfully claims that their employer failed to prevent something that happened at a workplace event from being shown or published to others, resulting in embarrassment, ridicule or distress,’’ he said.


Mr Coates said staff should keep their smartphones switched off — but the “safest option’’ is to ban them from parties.

Source: Daily Telegraph

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