It’s the new relationship everyone is talking about! While it took us a while to figure out exactly who Nelly from My Kitchen Rules is… we all know Adriano Zumbo thanks to his amazing desserts on Master Chef

After breaking up from boyfriend JP, Nelly has been keen to show off her budding romance with the celebrity chef. She’s posted shots of the pair looking very loved up in the kitchen and snaps of their amazing getaways. But it’s her latest picture that’s got everyone talking, thanks to an optical. 

The 35-year-old desert king appeared to reveal more than he bargained for in a photo posted to the brunette’s Instagram page on Monday night.

The chef is seen shirtless posing with his head propped up by one finger as he sits behind an easel during a painting session.

Many fans thought the chef was completely nude thanks to a pair of flesh coloured sorts. Whoops! 


We wonder what JP would think! 

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