Mitch Edwards and Mark McKie have been crowned the winners of The Block Fans v Faves for 2021, collecting $644,444.444, plus the $100,000 winning prize money, totalling $744,444.44.

The pair – who placed fifth in season 15 and returned for Fans v Faves – explained how the prize money and winning title will change their lives.

“We never had expectations or even hopes for that amount. This changes our lives as we’ve got a mortgage that we can’t jump over, but with this prize we can take a great leap at it now,” Mitch said.

Mark added, “I think we’re in shock as we stuck to our guns about what we thought a family home was about and it was a big risk”.

Twins Luke and Josh Packham came in second place with a $3,930,000 sale, receiving a profit of $530,000 over the reserve of $3.4 million.


Tanya and Vito Guccione placed third with a profit of $400,000.01 after selling their home for $3,800,000.01.

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