After Kensington Palace announced that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were expecting a baby in the Spring of next year, everyone has been speculating – trying to figure out exactly when it’s going to happen!

Yesterday our very own Aussie music star Missy Higgins got to meet the Royals while at Admiralty house, hosted by the Governor-General. Missy had her two month old daughter Luna in her arms while she chatted with Meghan Markle.

Missy uploaded a photo to her Instagram account, and we think she possibly may have let a little more slip in her lovely caption…

She wrote:

“What an honour to meet the beautiful Duchess today! She was such a sweetheart. I said I felt sorry for her having to do all these meet-and-greets while 4 months pregnant! What a trooper.”

So there you have it! It’s going to be a tremendous April 2019!!

Missy continued, describing what it was like to meet Prince Harry:


“Prince Harry was gorgeous too, a real charmer. He squeezed Luna’s legs and said “who’s this little cutie?” Looking forward to telling Luna she slept through it all one day”

What do you think – was that an accidental slip up, or was it intentional?

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