Today on the show, Kyle and Jackie O caught up with Miranda Kerr for an exclusive chat.

They spoke to her about her role as Bonds Swim ambassador, and then moved on to something more pressing.

The Orlando Bloom d*ck pics.

What many of us were wondering, is did Orlando know they were being leaked? Did he warn anyone before they were leaked?

Well, we got our answer, as Kyle slipped in a mention while talking about how great the new Bonds Swim range is the same time.


“I’ve noticed there’s a theme running here. I don’t know if you’ve seen the same photos, but even when people are paddle-boarding, people are supposed to be wearing pants of some description.”

“They are, they are!” Miranda laughed.

“But Bonds they cater for that stuff right, so no matter what you’re doing, whether you’re swimming, sitting on the beach or paddle-boarding, they’ve got something to cover you up!” Kyle mocked.

“I know! haha they do!” she said.


“Yes, I’m going to send Orlando a pair of both because he, you know, might like either of those,” she teased.

“Did you wonder, Orlando what are you doing? Why are you naked!” Jackie asked.

“Oh my God, he text me and was like ‘um, I’m really embarrassed, some photos are coming out, just thought I should let you know. And I was like, ‘hmmm… right, what were you thinking? Seriously?!” Miranda said.

The conclusion is, Bonds needs to clothes these guys for the #PutItAway campaign.

Or not… (we like the pics!)

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