Miranda Kerr joined the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning to chat about all things like her beauty line, life after modelling and of course her wonderful family.

The 36-year-old Aussie beauty is mother to three kids, 9-year-old Flynn from her previous marriage to Orlando Bloom, 1-year-old Hart and newborn Myles with her husband Evan Spiegel.

Of course, with so many young kids in the house, a lot of parents end up finding it difficult to concentrate on their marriage or make intimacy a priority. But this doesn’t seem to be an issue in the Kerr/Spiegel household!

Speaking with Kyle and Jackie O this morning, Miranda told us about their day-to-day life juggling the three kids, revealing that her and Evan always make sure that they’ve got alone time with each other.

In fact, she told us that they have no trouble keeping that spark alive!


“The other two kids are asleep by six thirty, then Flynn to bed by seven and then we have, I have a second dinner with Evan so we can have our time,” Miranda revealed to us on air.

“And then we chat about out day like, what’s going on with him and me.”

“Bit of making out and stuff like that? Making out on the couch?” Kyle asked.

“Yeah, anywhere really,” Miranda replied casually. “I can’t keep my hands off him! But it’s good because we’re both really affectionate people.”


Miranda and Evan, who is the CEO of Snapchat, first started dating back in 2015 before getting married in 2017.

Since then it’s been go, go, go, on their family with Hart being born in May 2018 and little Myles being welcomed into the world in October 2019.

But after all of this time, Miranda told us that their romance has never warn off and they’re still just as touchy-feely with each other today as they were early on.

“I’m very affectionate. Like if he’s sitting on the sofa I’ll be like, basically sitting almost on top of him,” Miranda explained. “And he loves it too.”

She told us that it’s the same each night in bed too.

“And then we cuddle. We cuddle to go to sleep,” she revealed. “Mostly I fall asleep on his chest. I lay my head on his chest.”


That’s so cute! We mean, a little unrealistic because a lot of people wouldn’t find that a comfortable sleeping position (I’m a stomach, starfish girl myself) but still, it’s very sweet!

Hear more from our chat with Miranda Kerr in the podcast below!

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