When you’re a millionaire and can have literally whatever you want in your home because money ain’t no object, you would certainly build a room for your favourite things or something you do all the time, right?

Your mind immediately goes to things like a professional gym or maybe an indoor swimming pool or perhaps, if you’re really extravagant, your own day spa or something like that!

But of course they’re usually much more weird and unique than that… Like how Ed Sheeran has his own pub in his home or how Tommy Lee apparently has his own Starbucks.

But nothing can compare to this one millionaire’s specialty room… Kyle and Jackie O were chatting with Josh Altman from Million Dollar Listing when we decided to ask him what was the most strange room that he’d ever seen in a millionaire’s house.

And you won’t BELIEVE his answer!

“I get floored all the time with some of these houses,” Josh explained to us about the mansions he helps his clients sell.

“It’s more the details that floor me and the amount of money that goes into some of these rooms, but the one that always weirded me out the most was the plastic surgery room in the house. That was weird”


Yep. You read that right. A Plastic surgery room in their own damn house! And we’re not talking that some surgeon owned the house either and had their own practice in their home. This was for someone who had the procedures done.

“Like someone had to get that much surgery that they didn’t want to be seen at the hospital,” Josh continued to explain.

“There was a very stark room with a medical chair and medical devices. It was really bizarre. So that Definitely weirded me out.”

We’ll say! We think we’d go sprinting back out of the house if we came across a room like this…

Also, do they have a surgeon on call to perform the procedures? Like, we have so many questions!

Josh went on to tell us about other random things he’s seen throughout his time in million dollar real estate. Hear more in the podcast below!


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