Miley Cyrus is in the dog house with her boyfriend’s mum.

Apparently Maria Shriver is not happy that her son, Patrick Schwarzenegger, is dating Miss Cyrus. is reporting that Shriver cancelled plans to attend Art Basel in Miami with her brother Anthony after Patrick and Miley rocked up.

An insider says, “Maria was going to go to Art Basel to spend some time with Anthony, but when she heard Miley was going to be there with Patrick, she cancelled.”

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Apparently Cyrus and Schwarzenegger are inseperable after dating for months.


Rumours are rolling around that Miley and Patrick are also having issues because Miley is wreckless when it comes to drugs and alcohol, while Schwarzenegger is anti-drugs and anti-drinking.


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A source told, “Patrick is antidrugs, but Miley doesn’t give a [bleep]. She smoked marijuana onstage, and God knows what else she was on for the rest of the weekend. She and Patrick were heard fighting about it, and also because his uncle Anthony had trouble getting into her party at the Raleigh. There’s no way Patrick can be linked to drug use; his family is American royalty.”

Simultaneously as this news came out, Shriver tweeted this:



Looks like there’s a bit of a clash here… So will it last?

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