Kanye West has had a hard week… 

After being caught up in a slinging match with Taylor Swift, it emerged that the rapper turned fashion designer was also $53million in debt (what!?). 

Add on the fact that Kris Jenner now thinks the outspoken rapper is damaging the Kardashian brand (!), Kanye obviously has reason to be feeling sorry for himself. 

So while on set for their new TV show ‘Bad Moms’, Kristen Bell shared an Instagram pic with Mila Kunis and Kathryn Hahn. 

Posing with lit lighters, the girls obviously are reaching out to the man who proclaimed to be ‘taking the throne of rap’. 

And it just makes us love them even more. 

On set and #prayingforkanye #BADMOMS #MilaKunis #kathrynhahn

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