Fitness guru Michelle Bridges joined The Kyle & Jackie O Show and gave us all the pep talk we desperately needed!

While we’ve been busy snacking away during lockdown and then snacking some more and then, well you know how it goes… it begs the question: how do you do that staying in shape thing again?

“Are you constantly working out or is it mainly the food that keeps your body looking as good as it does?”, prodded Kyle.

“It’s a bit of both… every day I get to choose to eat well and… choose the kinds of foods I nourish my body with and put into myself”, Bridges responded.

“I love something that is going to taste great, look great on the plate or in the bowl and nourish me and keep me fulfilled…  it means if I don’t get to train on a certain day at least I know I’m eating well”, she explained.

Daily exercise with a side of healthy food seems like a solid place to start!

According to Bridges, it’s just as important to keep our minds healthy too.


“Exercise is so damn good for your head… brings you back to ground, takes the sizzle out, takes the anxiety out, lowers depression, there’s plenty of research on that”, the personal trainer told Kyle and Jackie.

Looking for guidance on where to start, Jackie then inquired: “you just gotta get on that treadmill, go out for a walk and start that process, right?”,

The answer: “Small steps… it’s so good for you getting up, getting some Vitamin D. Getting some fresh air. If you have a chance to go with a friend you can have a conversation”.

Maybe after all, we don’t need to get up at 4am, smash down three protein shakes all while bench pressing to be healthy and fit.

Just start with a walk, and as you do, make sure to check out the full convo on the podcast below!

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