Former Biggest Loser trainer Michele Bridges has told Who magazine that she isn’t all we think she is.

The proud mother-of-one and fitness junkie has told the magazine that she never aspired to ‘have it al’ despite the pressures that she faces.

‘I frankly don’t want to have it all, I can’t fit it all in, and I can’t do it all well so I’d rather choose the things that right now are really important to me and do those well and say no to other things,’ she said.

The Food For Life author also spoke about having another child with her partner Steve ‘The Commando’ Willis, 40, saying she is quite content with what they have now.

The couple shares baby Axel, who turns one next month, in addition to Steve’s three children from two previous relationships: Brianna, Ella and Jack.


‘I don’t know how Steve would feel about adding to that, but I said, ‘You know what? The fifth one, we’d have a basketball team!’ It’s not a bad number.’

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