Michael Bible has reportedly put his singing career on hold to focus on his son Noah’s recovery from liver cancer.

The singer, 41, is said to be in a ‘huge bubble’ and prioritising his three-year-old’s treatment – which allegedly includes four months of chemotherapy.

‘He will not sing again until his child is well, I’m certain of it,’ Michael’s friend and Canadian musician David Foster told Entertainment Tonight Canada on Thursday.

The musician added: ‘Right now he’s in a huge bubble, as you would expect.’

‘When this happens, everything shuts down around you. You go inside your little bubble, and I don’t think he’s looking at social media. 

‘I’m sure he feels the love from millions of people.’

Commenting on Michael’s mental health, David said the singer was in ‘good shape’ and was relying on the doctors around him.


Last week, a statement was released by Michael and his wife Luisiana Lopilato said that they would be putting their careers ‘’on hold’ to devote time to Noah’s recovery.

He wrote: ‘Luisana and I have put our careers on hold to devote all our time and attention to helping Noah get well.’

It was reported on Wednesday by an Argentinian magazine that Noah has liver cancer.

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