The past week has been a whirlwind for Michael Turnbull.

Sam Frost’s final rose was publicly revealed on the final episode of The Bachelorette and Australia found out the former Brisbane soccer player didn’t make the cut. 

But it is the aftermath that has him more upset. 

Turnbull went up against Sasha for Sam Frost’s heart in the finale… or so we thought. 

Since the show finished airing, Frost admitted that third placed Richie was her true runner up. 

But that announcement didn’t go down so smoothly with Turnbull. 

Speaking to The Daily Mail Australia, the 34-year-old admitted he was upset with the comments. 


It’s a new day ☀️ you guys really are awesome !!!!! #mysquad

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“Like Richie, I have feelings too,” Turnbull said. 

“It wasn’t easy to read, and if that’s the truth, she should have let me go… I think she should have let me go as soon as she realised that I was not the guy for her.

“I was being 100 per cent honest. I would have left the second I didn’t think there was a connection. I would have walked out.”

Frost spoke to NW Magazine earlier in the week, suggesting Richie from WA was her second choice and it would have been too gut-wrenching to try to let him go if he made the final two. 


“It killed me but I didn’t want to take Richie through to the finale, because I would have struggled to let him down that way,” Sam told Monday’s NW Magazine.

“I think it was better that he left when he did.”

Bit harsh on Michael don’t you think? 

H/T: Daily Mail

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