With this season of Married At First Sight turning into the biggest mess we’ve ever seen on reality TV last night it’s really no surprise to find out that they had to take a break in the middle of filming.

But what exactly caused the hiatus?

According to Michael, a lot of it had to do with him and his wild night out while Stacey was at home with her kids in Adelaide.

Joining the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning, Michael explained exactly why the break in filming took place.

“Can I ask Michael, why was there a two week break before filming resumed?” Jackie asked this morning. “A lot seemed to happen.”


“Well I originally got accused for the two week break,” Michael revealed. “Like I put everyone on holiday, you know what I mean.”

Michael told us that the hiatus came after his wild night out with Hayley when the cheating scandal allegedly occurred.

“So basically after that night, maybe it is my fault now that I think about it,” Michael admitted.

“After that night that many storylines go screwed up that they had to sort of sit down, production had to sit down and work out basically where everybody’s storyline was at, where their relationship was at and where they were going.”

“So that’s what sort of messed it up a bit.”

Messed it up a bit? Understatement of the century we think Michael. Had that night not occurred we never would have had the cheating scandal that led David to destroying Hayley’s toothbrush in the toilet bowl…


So yeah, while production clearly tried to clean things up a bit we don’t think it worked out too well for them…

Hear our full chat with Michael, Stacy and Hayley from MAFS about the cheating scandal in the podcast below!