Talk about awkward!

Married at First Sight super couple, and by that we mean one of the couples that have actually survived in the real world (it’s a rarity), Michael Brunelli and Martha Kalifatidis joined Kyle and Jackie O this morning to play Cost Of Love.

And boy did we find out some juicy stuff…

The way it works is that we pre-recorded some answers to some questions with Michael. We then asked Martha the same questions on air and she had to try and match the answer.

From Martha’s most disgusting habit to the person who farts the most in the relationship, Michael and Martha were VERY honest.


Especially when it came to one question that no man EVER wants to answer.

“Which one of your friends does he think is the hottest,” Jackie read out the question.

ABORT! ABORT! That’s what most guys would be thinking anyway…

But Michael did give us an answer, and there was actually a story behind it too!

Martha thought about the question for a moment before answering with one friend, before then quickly changing to a girl called Maya, whom Martha claims is her best friend.

And yep, it turns out Maya was the correct answer because Michael actually dated her BEFORE he married Martha on Married at First Sight! And guess what? Maya was part of the wedding party for their TV wedding…


“The one friend that I think’s the hottest out of Martha’s friends is Maya,” Michael said.

“She’s currently staying with us and actually before I met Martha, Maya and I went on a date so, I would say her.”

“The first time I had seen Maya is when she walked down the aisle as Martha’s maid of honour,” he added.

WOW! Talk about awkward, but also what a small world!


Michael later clarified that it was only one date that he went on with Maya and they were never anything serious.

But what’s actually more awkward is that Michael just shot himself in the foot by saying that he still thinks she’s hot! And now she’s LIVING with them!

“She’s my best friend. Like my best friend of all time,” Martha told us.

Martha didn’t seem all too fazed by it though, saying that it’s likely he’s dated more of her friends in the past based on how active he was on Tinder before MAFS.


“Probably, like he clocked Tinder like two years ago so he’s probably dated them all,” she joked.

“No comment,” Michael said.

Hear our full Cost Of Love with Michael and Martha in the podcast below!

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