Menulog‘s starting it’s first every ‘Free Delivery Fest’ from tomorrow, which is exactly what it sounds like.

For 72 hours non-stop from 12.01am Tuesday, September 29th to 11.59 Thursday, October 1st there will be FREE DELIVERY ALL DAY EVERY DAY!

We’re talking nationwide (except WA, sorry guys), the catch? It has to be eateries that use Menulog delivery!

But don’t fret, that’s literally most places…. maybe not KFC?

Menulog will let you know though, just keep your eye out on the app for places that say ‘free delivery’, it’s super easy!

Temporarily gone are the days you’re sending over $20 to get a burger delivered to your door.

We can all now live our best lives (for 72 hours), I expect you all to do great things with this power.


Maybe I’ll “meal prep” 7 burritos from Guzman Y Gomez this week….

Someone tell me no.



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