It seems that the rivalry between Melbourne and Sydney long lives on – and the Real Housewives are making sure of it.

The Real Housewives of Sydney have just been revealed and the seven ladies that will join the cast include AthenaX Levendi, Krissy Marsh, Matty Samaei, Melissa Tkatuz, Nicole O’Neil, Victoria Rees, and Lisa Oldfield; who is married to One Nation founder and former Pauline Hanson campaign manager David Oldfield.

The tension between the Sydney Housewives and Melbourne Housewives has started with Intern Pete asking Lisa Oldfield why the Sydney Housewives are better.

“Oh well where you’re starting from it’s such a low benchmark, I mean Melbourne, it’s a dirty city. I mean their highest attraction is the Yarra, which is the seventh most polluted river in the world. I mean they’ve got a dirty upside down river.”

“What’s the best thing that’s come out of Melbourne? I don’t know, maybe Underbelly?”

“And you compare that to Sydney, with all its beautiful vistas, its beaches, its harbour, it’s stunning and clearly its women are far more intelligent!”

Gamble Breaux has since responded to Lisa comments, tweeting “Good luck riding off our ratings you stupid old cow. Blood sucking ticks like you wouldn’t survive in Melbourne. I have a better looking mop at home that I clean my floors with!”


Oh wow, it’s about to get REAL…

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