There was a LOT of girl power in the Kyle and Jackie O studios this morning as we were joined by the one and only Sporty Spice! Or as she’s more commonly referred to as now, Melanie C.

Melanie stopped by to chat about her own solo stuff in the music biz that she’s working on at the moment, including a new song called ‘Who I Am’, but of course we also got to chatting about some Spice Girls goss.

With the Spice Girls reuniting quite recently for the SpiceWorld tour they were very busy for a while there doing a lot of press. But one Spice Girl that shouldn’t have really been allowed to chat to the media was Scary Spice, Mel B.

Nothing against her or anything but you might remember that when she did do press, Mel B would often come out with these wild and bold statements about things that the Spice Girls were doing. And most of the time they weren’t true!

We’re still not over the fact that Mel B said that the Spiceworld tour would “see you in Australia in February!”, which btw NEVER happened…

Kyle and Jackie O decided to asked Mel C what her and the rest of the group think about Mel B going rogue and making up these rumours, like another infamous one where she claimed the Spice Girls would perform at Meghan and Harry’s royal wedding.


“Now, Mel B. What do you think of her?” Kyle asked boldly.

“I love her! She’s crazy. Mad as a box of frogs,” Mel C replied.

“But I’m in a band with other people who are interesting,” she added with a laugh. “No, Mel is the best. She says what she thinks. There’s no filter.”

That’s for sure!


“I do remember when you guys were reforming with the Spice Girls, Mel would often go a bit rogue in interviews and say things like ‘we’re performing at Meghan and Harry’s wedding’. Do you remember that?” Jackie asked.

“Did you ever in interviews go, ‘Why’d you say that? That’s not true!’,” Jackie continued.

Mel C told us that some of the things that her fellow Spice Girl would say would end up creating a bit of a PR disaster, but that’s just her and they’re used to it by now.

“I think we’re just so used to it,” Mel C told us. “You know, we kind of just go, ‘Uh oh’. We just think of the PR fallout afterwards.

“But you know that’s Mel and that’s a part of the reason why we love her. You never know what she’s going to do next.”

“That’s why she’s scary because she says crazy sh*t like that,” Kyle joked.


We’re all for Mel B’s wild behaviour but seriously, when it comes to the idea of the Spice Girls coming to Australia, DON’T MESS WITH OUR EMOTIONS! That one wasn’t cool…

Hear more from our chat with Sporty Spice Mel C in the podcast below!

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