Mel B is one of the most awesome people you’ll have the pleasure of meeting, which is probably why she’s invited to do so many awesome gigs – and all that jazz.

America’s Got Talent and Australian X Factor are two of the latest, but she’s just revealed there’s something else she’s set her sights on.


Yep, during a chat with Kyle and Jackie O, Mel revealed that once X Factor Australia has wrapped up, she’ll be heading back to L.A and then to the UK for meetings, but then he hinted she’ll be joining the cast of ‘Chicago’ on Broadway, just like Rumer Willis did!


‘But they perform EVERY NIGHT, you’re like a puppet,’ Kyle said.

‘Well if I can’t perform with the Spice Girls I may as well join the cast of Chicago and be Roxie Hart!’ Mel exclaimed.

We definitely think she’d make a KILLER Roxie Hart, pardon the pun.

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