Robbie Williams is HARDLY the most modest of men, and he was pretty vocal earlier in the week about just how many of the Spice Girls he’s hooked up with.

According to the Rock DJ, he’s gone five for five; talk about spicing up your life.

So, obviously, Kyle and Jackie went straight to the source – one of the sources – and asked Mel B if Robbie had had a little Scary in him, back in the day.

“Robbie said he didn’t just have sex with three of the Spice Girls, it was five out of five,” Kyle told Mel B – and her husband, Stephan Belafonte.

“I’ll leave that with you guys.”

Mel’s response? Denial. “No! He didn’t say that! It was one he would have liked to have done… And that was me!

“He hasn’t gone anywhere near me!”


And then Stephen gets involved. “Do you know what I’d tell Robbie? Do you know what I’d tell Robbie?

“Get in line, sucker.”

Do we sense a RUMBLE?!

Your move, Robbie. 

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