Former Spice Girl Mel B has been saying a few eye-brow raising things recently but she may now have gone too far.

She’s not only been saying in the UK press that she beat up Shaznay Lewis of All Saints back in their heyday but she has now also called bandmate, Victoria Beckham, a ”little bit of a bitch”.

Mel didn’t mean it in a bitchy way, at all. She was asked on the ”Allegedly” podcast what she thought of Victoria and her husband David Beckham’s lifestyle and she said ”Victoria has worked hard for it, so she deserves that lifestyle”.

She continued on saying ”She’s very down to earth. She’s a little bit of a bitch to others but she has a great sense of humour”.

All the mentioning of each other has come after all the Spice Girls (but Victoria) have said they would love to reunite for one more tour but as yet nothing is official.