Meghan Markle’s family appear to be taking their search for fame to the next level by saying ‘screw the royals, let’s make a reality show!’, with reports the Duchess’ estranged family are in talks with a TV network to create a Kardashian-style TV series.

Reports are saying that the Duchess of Sussex’s half-sister Samantha Grant is in negotiations with American cable network Bravo.

It’s rumoured that producers have already offered the 53-year-old a “bumper pay deal” and reportedly also want to get Meghan’s father, 74-year-old Thomas involved in the show.

A source has told the Mirror that the network is looking at creating a show that “is similar to Keeping Up With The Kardashians”.

But instead of bringing the sisters closer like reality TV appears to do for the Kar-Jenner Klan, a TV show would surely only create more distance between Samantha and Meghan who haven’t spoken since 2015.

If Thomas Markle was to also join the reality show cast it would likely also put him even further on the outs with the royal family, whom he says has been freezing him out since his daughter married Prince Harry in May.

The Markle family has had a strained relationship with Meghan and her new royal family from the beginning, with Thomas really rocking the boat just before the royal wedding after staging paparazzi shots.


In the end, he didn’t attend Meghan’s wedding, although emergency heart surgery was given as the reason for his absence.

In a recent interview with The Sun, Thomas compared the Royal Family to Scientologists, claiming that they had “cult-like” secrecy surrounding them. He also made claims that he has lost all contact with Meghan since the wedding.

But if a family reunion is what the Markle family is after we highly doubt that signing up for a reality show is the way to go about fixing all of their issues with Meghan and the royal family…

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