It’s been a number of months now since the wedding of the year between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, but we’re only just starting to hear some of the seriously sweet details that made up the big day.

Our newest royal features quite heavily in the upcoming documentary to honour Queen Elizabeth II, Queen Of The World, with the Duchess of Sussex seen discussing her May 19 nuptials.

In the opening montage the suits actress is seen in a number of different shots wearing her simply gorgeous Givenchy wedding gown and later on we hear her discussing the finer details of the dress that we didn’t know before, such as the secret memento that she had hidden inside!

The documentary follows Meghan as she gets to see her wedding dress for the first time since the wedding day as curators of the Royal Collection Trust prepare it for display at a new royal exhibition.

“My goodness. Amazing isn’t it?”, exclaims Meghan as she stares adoringly at the gown. “Beautiful”.

She then goes on to reveal the something blue that she had specially sewn into the underside of her dress; a memento for the first date that she went on with Prince Harry.

“Somewhere in here there’s a piece of – did you see it?” she asks. “The piece of blue fabric stitched inside. It was my something blue. It’s fabric from the dress I wore on our first date.”


Meghan went on to detail the intricate veil that onlookers fell in love with on her wedding day, revealing that it featured flowers from every member of the commonwealth as well as two flowers close to her heart, totalling 55 different types.

“When people come they can find their flower,” continues Meghan. “There are so many different, beautiful features there. I think also with Harry’s role as youth ambassador for the commonwealth, it was so important for us to have a spirit of inclusivity in the wedding.”

“I stuck in a couple of flowers that were important to me as well, personally,” added the Duchess of Sussex. “But there is a California poppy in there, which has nothing to do with the Commonwealth, but it is where I’m from.”

Meghan also spoke of the moment Prince Harry and the rest of the royal family realised the dedication she had made to the Commonwealth on her veil, saying it was a “fun surprise”.

“He was really over the moon to find out that I would make this choice for our day together,” recalled Meghan.

“And I think the other members of the family had a similar reaction and just appreciation for the fact that we understood how important this is for us and the role that we play and the work that we’re going to continue to do within the Commonwealth countries.”


The documentary focuses on Queen Elizabeth II’s contribution to the Commonwealth during her time in the monarch, however, Meghan features quite heavily as the newest member of the royal family and part of the generation that will continue the Queen’s work.

Queen of the World debates on ITV on September 25 and Channel 7 will screen the documentary in a two part series in Australia sometime soon.

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