There’s been plenty of speculation during Meghan Markle’s pregnancy as to when the royal is set to give birth. 

And while the only public comments made from the couple themselves hint that their due date is late April or early May,  there’s a few big clues that indicate she is due earlier than that. 

It’s not just those joyous late pregnancy side effects like puffy fingers (she’s been spotted without her wedding or engagement ring this week) and looking like she’s about to pop, however. 

In fact it’s a lot more specific than that. 

When the Duchess of Cambridge Kate was about to give birth, she gave up all official public engagements on average 35 days before she gave birth. 

37 days before George was born, 36 days before Charlotte and 32 days before Louis. 

So given the fact that Meghan last appeared in public on March 11 – and has no more appearances booked in until after the baby is born – that would mean Markle’s due date is more around April 15! 


The pitter patter of royal feet could be earlier than first suggested!

We can’t wait to sight the new bub for the first time – will they look more like mum or dad? 

And will Meghan’s turnaround from giving birth to presenting the baby on the hospital steps be as swift as Kate Middleton’s seven hours from giving birth to leaving hospital. 

Or will she take her time to settle into motherhood instead of just bowing to the demands of the media and public. 

So many questions – not too much longer to wait for answers. 

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