The next season of Big Brother is only weeks away and we’re starting to get our first taste of what kind of mayhem will ensue.

30-year-old Mat Garrick, a sparky who has “lived in Broken Hill” his “whole life” is our first contestant (out of twenty) that BB is going to be bossing around.

Confirmed on the official Big Brother AU twitter page, Mat gives off some good ol’ Aussie blokey bloke vibes and admits to being “born and bred…in the country”.

Mat describes himself as a “likeable guy” and plans to bring “humour, wit, some smarts and some ADHD energy” to the Big Brother House as well as “little touch of budgie smuggler action”.



I’m VERY intrigued to see how Mat, a self-confessed ‘nice guy’ and ‘Outback Tradie’ is going to cope with the backstabbing and competitive antics of the Big Brother house – especially when there’s a massive $250,000 up for grabs.

We’ll keep you updated when more contestants are confirmed!

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