Right now, almost every man on earth wants to be Christian Grey, the smooth billionaire from Fifty Shades Of Grey who captured the hearts (and other body parts) of women around the globe.

But, he’s a fictional character, right? He doesn’t actually exist, or does he?!

Meet Brayden Olson, the 27-year-old Seattle-based entrepreneur who says that many women around the world have reached out to him because he has so many similarities to the fictional character, Mr. Grey.

Olson told Business Insider that a few years ago a woman he dated briefly pointed out that he was similar to Christian Grey. Olson hadn’t read the book series at that time, but he says more and more people started making the same association.

So who is, Brayden Olson? He runs a holding company, he lives in Seattle and was even voted ‘Seattle’s Best Man’. He’s also the youngest entrepreneur ever admitted to the entrepreneurs’ organisation in his region.


Leading up to the release of the movie, he started getting messages from people he didn’t know and said that around 1,000 fans of the book reached out over e-mail and through Facebook.

Olson says that some women have even flown to Seattle to meet him and admits he has even gone on dates with some of them, too!

Olson, who said he was proud of his professional accomplishments so far, pointed out that it seemed as if Grey never has to actually work.

“I definitely have to actually work.”

Though he doesn’t have a helicopter, Olson does have one toy that Grey doesn’t; a BMW i8. Grey drives an Audi R8.


There’s a waitlist for the BMW supercar. Olson said this was one way he had been able to capitalise on this association to the character of Christian Grey.

So is he the world’s most eligable bachelor? Perhaps. He also hasn’t found his ‘Anastasia Steele’ yet, so ladies – if you get in touch, it seems that Seattle’s very own Mr Grey will see you now.

Images via Business Insider

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