Struggling to find the perfect gift for the man in your life? How about some lingerie… for him!

While most female’s will give anything to throw away their sexy bra and undies for something more comfortable, one Aussie company has found a niche market selling them to men instead.

Since launching in 2008, HommeMystere has provided a sexier alternative for men from the traditional cotton briefs.

They’re lacy, they’re frilly and they even include bras for those who feel so inclined.

According to the company’s site, there’s a growing number of guys who have discovered the comfort of the lightweight lingerie.

“The general profile of HommeMystere customers is male, married and over 40,” the site says of it’s customer base.


“He has discerning taste in underwear and want luxury garments but does not need to show it off to others.

“He wants something new and exciting to buy and usually has the disposable income to make that purchase.”

The brainchild of Aussies Brent and Lara Krause, the company first started as a small, hobby-sized operation and now delivers online to over 30 countries around the world.

With prices starting from around $30 AUD, the brand certainly lives up to it’s mantra of providing men with more quality options without the big-brand price tags.

Photos: HommeMystere/Pinterest

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