You might remember, a little while ago a rat from New York went viral after he stole a slice of pizza and carried it back to his subway stairwell dwelling.

Well, it seems this little possum was watching too and decided he could one up the rat.

Melanie Dinjaski was at a friend’s birthday party in Sydney earlier this week when two possums also came to the party. One brazen possum made a beeline for the food table, and helped himself to a slide of margherita pizza, with a certain confidence.

“No-one handed it the pizza, it just picked it up out of the pizza box like that. It was hilarious that it was holding it the right way and eating it just like a human would,” Dinjaski said in an interview with Huffington Post.

The group of friends later moved inside due to rain, but were surprised when they had another visit from the little guy.


“Not 10 minutes later, the possum was at the back door, looking in for more food,” Dinjaski said.

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