A fresh measles alert has been issued for people in NSW who travelled on board flights from Sydney airport after a passenger who stopped over in Sydney from Thailand to New Zealand after being diagnosed with the disease.

The infected traveller was on board Jetstar flight JQ28 from Thailand to Sydney on March 18, Jetstar flight JQ517 from Sydney to Melbourne on March 19, and Virgin Australia flight VA99 from Melbourne to New Zealand.

A health warning has been issued for anyone who may have been on the same flights or in Sydney’s international and domestic airports at the time and have been told to check for symptoms until April 6.

Anyone who hasn’t had measles before or who hasn’t received two doses of the measles vaccine are susceptible to the disease.

“If you’re unsure whether you’ve had two doses, it’s safe to have another,” read a statement from Vicky Shepherd of NSW Health.


Symptoms of measles include fever, sore eyes, a cough, and a red, blotchy rash from the head and neck to the rest of the body.

Since Christmas time last year there have been reports of 26 measles cases in NSW.

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