Matty J won the hearts of women all around the nation, ironically when his heart was being broken into a million pieces by the beautiful Georgia Love.

While we were sad, many of us were secretly pleased because it meant the gorgeous Sydney-sider was back on the market. Another woman’s trash is another’s treasurer, right? *disclaimer – we do not think Matty J is trash*

Although there are rumours bubbling his heart may have been stolen by a swimsuit model *NOOOOO* she’s yet to make an appearance on his Insta and if it’s not on social media it didn’t happen, right?

Regardless, the 29-year-old has been showing off a lot of skin on Insta recently, posting some sizzling photos that’s got us thinking, if he doesn’t score a gig as Bachelor 2017 we may have to hold Osher and his fabulous hair hostage.  

First Matty stripped down to his board shorts cradling an adorable french bulldog. The only thing that could make this photo cuter is if Matty was holding a baby in the other arm. 

Like a duck to water

A photo posted by Matty J (@matthewdavidjohnson) on

In an attempt to show Rhy Chilton he’s not the only one who can pose in a pair of jocks and get attention, Matty posted this modelling shot. Again, was there any contestant that wasn’t a model this year!?… Ps. we’re not complaining. Keep up the great work Bachie producers. 


Although he’s taken a leaf out of Rhy’s book, posing with his Calvin Kliens in view, we’re so glad Matty’s had the sense to pose alone. If he started pulling all that weird stuff ala Reece lying on a bed with his bestie, we’d have to start rallying behind Cam Cranley to become Bachie 2017. Goodness knows he can’t be any worse than Richie.   

Matty wasn’t done playing with our hearts, next he showed us how perfect he is by cuddling a group of babies. He clearly got the wrong memo though. You need to have kids to win the Bachelor, not the Bachelorette

Of course I can look after your child.. No I definitely don’t have my hands full

A photo posted by Matty J (@matthewdavidjohnson) on

Whatever Matty’s up to we wish him all the best!

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