This morning, Matty J and winner Laura were in studio to chat about their journey together and their new relationship, which can now be out in the open. Finally.

They spoke about the moment Matty revealed he loved Laura and the heartache they carried for Elyse. Then, it was onto the naughty stuff.

A caller asked the pair, when they first played, ‘hide the sausage’ – and the response was HILARIOUS.

‘I LOVE that game!’ Laura yelled.

‘The moment the door shut to my hotel room, the game was played,’ Matty spilled.

‘That’s not even true!’ Laura revealed.

‘We ate a massive bowl of spaghetti bolognese and then we played the game, ‘hide the sausage’.


‘Did you really?! So you were all bloated for the first time?!’ Jackie asked.

‘Romance!’ Laura finished.

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