It’s a question you’d think that only our very own Kyle Sandilands would ever ask The Bachelor – but as it turns out the Bachie producers actually asked Matt Agnew this same question!

Dirty bastards…lol

Kyle’s go to question with pretty much every guest is what their magic number is. As in, the number of people they’ve been intimate with…

“How many women do you think you’ve slept with in your entire life?” Kyle asked.

But it turns out that when Kyle asked our new Bachie Matt Agnew this question live on air this morning, it didn’t really phase him in the slightest.

The reason being that he’d already been asked to answer the question while applying to be The Bachelor!

“Funnily enough this is a question on the application form,” Matt revealed.


“So Channel 10 wanted to know as well?” Kyle asked.

“Well yeah apparently. I’m not sure what the desired answer is there so you couldn’t even game the system,” Matt added.

But despite answering the question before, Matt remained quite the genlteman on air and wouldn’t give us his actual answer.

“What’s the average for a man? Seven I think is the average that gets thrown around,” he said. “So seven. I’m going to stick with that.”

Well whatever answer he actually gave to The Bachie producers it obviously worked in his favour seeing as he landed himself the role!


As for how he actually became The Bachelor, Matt told us that Channel 10 didn’t approach him and that he actually applied himself.

“I applied,” Matt told us. “I had a few mates that were winding me up and saying to me, ‘Why don’t you give it a go’, and eventually I decided, ‘Why not. I’ll throw my hat in’.

“I never thought I’d end up in this position.”

But all of Australia is SO glad that you are in this position Matt!

His season of The Bachelor premieres tonight at 7:30PM on Channel 10. Check out out full chat with Matt below!