This season of The Bachelor with Astrophysicist, resident hottie and basically the nicest human on the planet, Matt Agnew, has already been making headlines around the world before it’s even premiered on TV!

Yep, whoever is behind the teaser trailers for the Bachie – job well done to you!

One teaser in particular that made global headlines was of course the one that introduced us to the first Bachelorette who will be looking for love, Abbie.

Or as you might remember her as, the Gemini.

With this years Bachie being a PhD Astrophsyicist, producers have really been playing on the fact that a lot of the gals don’t actually know what that means. And so Abbie’s introduction trailer was born.

In the meeting, Matt introduces himself and says, “I’m an Astrophysicist” to which Abbie responds, “Oh I’m a Gemini”…

Leading the entire world to go, “Oh sweetie” in unison.


Of course, the trailer showed Matt to be an absolute gentleman and instead of laughing he told her that he was a Leo. What a top bloke!

Kyle was congratulating Matt for being so nice to Abbie when he joined us on the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning, but as it turns out, Matt didn’t actually deserve the praise!

He revealed to us that in actuality, the moment didn’t play out the way that we originally thought!


“That was Abbie, she’s very, very clever and very witty and loved to wind me up,” Matt told us.

“Oh, so she was joking?” Kyle asked surprised.

“Yeah she was joking. She knew how to wind me up. You could see based on my reaction it landed particularly well on me and got the desired affect I think,” Matt replied.

Ahhhh okay! Well maybe Abbie is a real contender in this season after all!

The Bachelor premieres tonight (Wednesday 31st July) at 7:30PM on Channel 10.