Well Bachie fans, good news. We can officially confirm that this season of The Bachelor with Matt Agnew is already going to be better than Nick ‘The Honey Badger’ Cummins’ trash season.


Because not only does Matt pick a girl in the end, but he literally just told us that he’s still with her and IN LOVE!

YESSS!! We finally believe in love again and can trust reality tv dating shows once more.

“I hope that you find the woman of your dreams,” Kyle told Matt this morning on the Kyle and Jackie O show.

“Oh well, you would’ve already,” Jackie added, seeing as Bachie has already wrapped up filming. “So you have found the woman of your dreams?”

“I have, I have yes,” Matt replied with a smile. “I’m very happy.”


Well thank the lord! We don’t think we could go through that emotional rollercoaster again.

So now all that’s left is to watch and find out which lucky girl it is! Want to take your bet? Find The Bachelor SweepStakes here!

We’re so glad that we’re going to watch the start of a love story tonight when The Bachelor premieres on Channel 10 rather than the start of a nightmare…

Check out our full chat with Matt Agnew in the video below!

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