Just as one Bachie couple enter the real world together following the Bachelorette finale on Thursday night, another announce that they have called it quits.

Matt Agnew, our starry eyed astrophysicist who took on the role of the most recent Bachelor, has announced that he and his chosen girl Chelsie McLeod have broken up.

The pair have only been openly dating since the series ended back in September.

Taking to Instagram, Matt announced that they love they found while filming didn’t translate into the real world.

“These past six months since filming have been a very unique experience. Chels and I have made some beautiful memories together that I’ll always cherish, and I wish her nothing but the absolute best,” he began.


“However, it’s with a heavy heart that I write this. For Chels and me, our relationship hasn’t translated from filming to the real, every day world as we had hoped.”

Chelsie also wrote about the sudden break up on her on account, sharing some pictures alongside it form their time together on the Bachelor.


No doubt it will be interesting to see whether any of the women on Matt’s season of The Bachelor reach out to him during this time, especially runner up Abbie Chatfield, who was absolutely devastated when he chose Chelsie over her in the finale.

Wishing Matt and Chelsie nothing but the best during this tough time.

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