MAF’s Natasha Spencer is set to launch a career as a singer.

The 26-year-old spoke on the Reality TV & Me podcast, saying:

“I’m actually going into the studio on Thursday.

“I’m going to do a cover with a pretty massive Australian singer.

“He’s pretty big. We’re talking, I think 33 million plays on SoundCloud,” she continued.

“Sydney connections.”


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I would like to make a quick toast, to somewhere between a lifetime and the blink of an eye. 1 year ago today I “tv wed” a complete stranger on Australia’s most controversial television show and announced 653 times that I was a “strong woman”. Little did I know that the next 5 weeks would spiral me into the worst mental state that I had ever experienced and the public backlash that would be awaiting me would continue my downward spiral for months. But with darkness comes light. I have let go of all the expectations of who I thought I should be and started spending time learning what I’m actually about and who I really am. I have been given a platform to advocate for my passions and I have gotten to experience some amazing things, and meet even better people ❤️🙏 Life is filled with tests and I needed something like this to shift me out of my comfort zone. I no longer regret my time on #MAFS but cherish the lessons and the experiences ✨

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“I was singing while cleaning, and someone heard me and said, ‘’Oh my God you can sing’’, and then called the person and now we’re booked in on Thursday evening.

“But why not just spread my seeds everywhere? Continue my five minutes of fame onto six,’ she added.

We can’t wait to hear the song!

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