Married at First Sight is the show that just keeps on giving.

On Wednesday night’s episode we saw a dinner party nearly ending in a scuffle as tensions heat up between Keller and Bella.

The couples travelled to the Blue Mountains for a civilised dinner party, that inevitably ended in awkward confrontations and a very heated argument.

For most, it was an excuse to dig deeper into their private lives and Bella was asking far too many intimate details.


It was the news that Bella and Michael had slept with each other a ‘couple of times’ that had Keller on edge. 

“I’ve been in a lot of relationships,” Bella said.

“I’m sure you have, after sleeping with a guy after one day I bet you have been in a lot of relationships,” Keller snapped back.

After revealing early on that she would prefer to focus on “travelling, sex and love” rather than having kids with her partner, Bella couldn’t help but ask the others about their sex lives.

“I kind of felt like the bad guy. My favourite show is Sex and the City and it’s all about being honest and open about it. It’s normal and everybody is having sex and everyone wants to,” she said.

Keller is the opposite of Bella and said “I’m a firm believer in that if you sleep with someone on the first night there’s nothing left to explore and find out about them so you just lose everything straight away.”


Bella retaliated by saying “Are you serious? Are you f***ing serious right now? 

“As a heart attack,” Keller snapped back.

Michael remained quiet through the argument before stirring the pot by saying: “I don’t think that Keller has as much life experience as he says.”

Keller looked at Michael and hissed back “You don’t think that I’ve had as much life experience as what I’ve said? Really? From a fashion designer?”

The battle kept going until Keller said “you and me need to have a f***ing conversation right now.”

Mark and Dave both jumped up to stop Keller in his tracks while Michael stayed in his seat and barely bat an eyelid. 


“He’s a f***ing bogan,” Bella whispered.

For anyone interested in car crash TV, Married at First Sight returns to Channel 9 on Monday at 730PM.

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