Two days after you get married is supposed to be the time where everything is amazing.

However, that wasn’t the case for Married At First Sight couple Jess and Dave, who just seem to create no chemistry at all.

On Monday night, Australia saw their relationship drift towards its end.

As is standard with the show, Dave only met his wife two days before they set off on their honeymoon and instead of trying to chat to her, he chose to pick at his toenails in the car.

Dave had already caused controversy in last week’s episode when we saw his bride and said he said he had ‘expected something different’.


However, Jess won him over with his confidence but things went downhill very quickly on their honeymoon.

After the couple arrived in Byron Bay for their holiday the divide was obvious almost immediately.

A candlelit dinner on their opening night saw them go to a ‘zen retreat’ afterwards which Dave described as ‘f****** weird’.

However, the way in which he described Jess when she stripped down to her bathers was horrible, as he admitted he disappointed.

‘When I first saw Jess I didn’t really know what to think,’ Dave  said. 

‘I don’t know if I can see the physical attraction, which I know is not everything in a relationship but I think it’s definitely quite important.’


The worst moment came when the couple hired a car and Dave openly chose to put his feet on the dashboard and pick at his toenails.

He was quickly confronted when they were at a surf session with Jess saying ‘’’Whether or not it’s intentional you’ve made me feel like an outsider.’

‘I’m trying to, you know, bond with you and make you see I am worth of your timer and your affections but I feel like you kind of haven’t really given me a chance.’

Dave then admitted he didn’t feel a connection and believed they shouldn’t try and push their relationship.

We will find out what happens with the couple on Channel 9.

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