The last time we saw former Married At First Sight couple Tamara Joy and Daniel Webb together was during the explosive commitment ceremony that exposed his cheating ways.

During Sunday night’s episode, Jessika Power and Dan revealed to the rest of the group that they had struck up a romance and wished to leave their partners only to re-enter the experiment with each other.

At the time, Tamara was visibly upset by the news and she expressed her frustration by taking her ex-hubby and his new woman down a peg or two (while we all cheered her on at home).

“So you wrote stay because you wanted to try to make it work with me but really you just wanted to hang out with Jess so you’re a liar,” Tamara said to Dan during the fiery episode.

“If that’s how you felt, speak to me about it. If we’re so-called friends, speak to me about it.

“And I have had your back and you’ve sh*t all over me,” she added to Jess.

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Following the confrontation, Dan and Jess were allowed to stay in the experiment and their original partners, Tamara and Mick, left the show.

But if you thought that would be the last time that Tamara and Dan would speak, then you’re wrong. While Dan didn’t really seem all that remorseful for his actions during filming, Tamara admitted to TV Week that they have been in contact and that he has tried to apologise.

“Yeah, Dan has reached out to me,” she said to TV Week. “Telling me how much of a beautiful person I am.”

It’s unclear though whether the apology was accepted by Tamara.

She also admitted that she wasn’t all too shocked to find out about Dan’s cheating ways.


“People do not surprise me! I’ll be honest the behaviour is not that surprising now that I’m watching back… you kind of get an idea of people’s characters straight away,” she continued.

“So I can’t sit here and say I was surprised,” she continued while adding, “Watching the series back is full on”.

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While speaking about Jess and Dan in an earlier interview, Tamara did admit that she didn’t think Jess and Dan’s relationship would last. This seems to be a pretty popular opinion with fellow cast member Jules saying the same thing to E! News.

We reckon you might’ve dodged a bullet there Tam! Once a cheater, always a cheater.

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