Another day, another MAFS wife swap.

We’re getting to the pointy end of this season of Married At First Sight and in a dejavu from last year we’re starting to see a number of wife swaps.

While we’ve seen Jessika and Dan get together and heard reports of a Mick and Tamara coupling, the latest pair to be hit with wife swap rumours is Lauren Huntriss and Billy Vincent.

NW are reporting that the pair hit it off after meeting for the first time at the upcoming reunion episode, which will see every single MAFS contestant reunite for a dinner party.

Billy only recently left the show during Sunday’s commitment ceremony after entering the experiment as an intruder with the fiery Susie Peal. The pair left after a pretty tumultuous relationship.

Meanwhile Lauren left fairly early on in the show after being paired with the 29-year-old ex-virgin Matthew Bennett.


According to NW, it was love at first sight for Billy and Lauren, who both had pretty terrible experiences on this season of Married At First Sight.

“The minute Billy laid eyes on Lauren, he had forgotten who Susie even was,” a source has said. “Lauren was super giddy, and was asking around, trying to find out more about Billy.”

According to the source, the pair spent a great deal of time together on the night and exchanged numbers before departing.

After leaving the show, Lauren was originally connected to Jessika’s jilted hubby Mick. However, NW have revealed that this short-lived romance fizzled out before it truly began due to long distance.

Lauren also hasn’t kept it a secret that she didn’t enjoy her time on the show. In an exclusive interview with the Kyle and Jackie O show, Lauren revealed that she felt her storyline had been heavily manipulated by producers.


“At the moment the public have only seen Matt’s side of the story. I feel like I deserve to say my side,” she told us at the time.

“I definitely looked like the bad guy in this relationship. I just want to clear all of this.”

Lauren continued to tell us that the fact that she “used to be a lesbian”, which was shown to be the reason Matt and Lauren broke up on the show, was actually completely scripted by producers.

“With the lesbian thing, I’m just going to clarify that,” she told us. “So initially my answer was, when I was about 18 to 20 I had a bad experience with a guy and I just hated men as a result. And so I dated only women. That’s what I said. That was it.

“My producer was like, ‘Fantastic. Great. However, we’re going to get you to re-enact that, say it again, but use the word ‘lesbian’. I was like, ‘I am not okay with that. I do not want to use that word. I do not label myself as a lesbian. It didn’t feel right.”

Lauren revealed that she didn’t feel like she had much choice other than to comply with the producer’s demands.


“They will literally say to you, we will keep you here all day until you say what we want you to say,” she revealed.

At least it looks like Lauren has found something good out of this whole experience in Billy! Don’t you think these two would make a seriously cute couple?

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