Following week two of this season of Married At First Sight Australia the big question on everyone’s minds has been, ‘Why didn’t Sam contact Elizabeth while he was away at a funeral?’

But as it turns out, maybe he legitimately couldn’t!

In case you missed it, this week we saw runaway groom Sam Ball ditch Elizabeth Sobinoff the morning after their wedding to go to a funeral in New Zealand.

Lizzie was left distraught after Sam failed to contact her for an entire week and ignored her voicemail messages until finally reappearing in dramatic fashion at the first Dinner Party with nothing to say for himself but a ‘Honey I’m home!’.


While all of us watching at home assumed that Sam didn’t contact Elizabeth because he had no interest in the relationship and didn’t feel a connection, a former MAFS contestant has since come forward in the groom’s defence, saying he knows the real reason for Sam’s lack of contact.

According to News Corp, Telv Willaims, who appeared on 2018’s season of the reality dating show, took to his Instagram stories to put in his two cents on the drama. Telv claimed that it would’ve been producers that stopped Sam from making contact with his bride.

“I can guarantee you that the producers would have told him he wasn’t allowed to make any contact with his wife because you’re not meant to talk to them,” he alleged.

“If you’re not around each other they don’t want you to talk to them and when you’re not on camera. So don’t be too harsh to Sam, he’s done nothing wrong…f**k you experts.”

Meanwhile Sam appeared on the Kyle and Jackie O Show on Monday to defend his actions and explained that he definitely did not leave Elizabeth alone because he wasn’t interested in her.


“It was a stressful time,” he said. “I was very close with my Ex’s family and I felt like at the time it was the right thing to do.

“Elizabeth was a lovely girl, she had a great personality and everything got taken out of context.”

Sam also spoke with the Today Show on Thursday following the Dinner Party episode, where he explained that he regretted not making his relationship with Elizabeth a priority.

“I know, it is terrible. I went away for the funeral, I basically had a lot of phone calls going on and stuff like that and my focus wasn’t on Elizabeth at all. It should have been,” he said.

Married At First Sight continues with the first Commitment Ceremony on Sunday at 7pm on Channel Nine.

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