Ning has just revealed that she was left homeless after filming Married At First Sight.

Just weeks after the 33-year-old was dumped by ‘husband’ Mark during their final vows, disaster hit her town of Townsville with horrendous floods.

“I’ve been in Townsville for 20 years and nothing like this had ever happened,” Ning shared with 9Honey.

“About a month after shooting the show and the Christmas period, I was dealing with evacuating our entire home and uprooting the lives of me and my three children.”

“We frantically pushed everything in the house to the back and threw all the kids’ toys onto their beds,” she recalled of the time they taped up their home in an attempt to save it. 


“I felt really helpless and so trapped. I couldn’t help my children because I couldn’t help myself the whole time,” she admitted.

The family had to be rescued by army services.

“When the army arrived, we put life jackets on the kids and got on a boat that was like Noah’s ark. It was crowded with people and all these animals.

“As traumatic as it was, there was a funny moment on the boat when I was carrying this little umbrella trying to shield my kids from the rain,” she explains.


My daughter just turned to me and said, ‘We’re already wet, what are you trying to do?'”

Fortunately, Ning has found a new home to live in with her children.

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