After pictures surfaced of this year’s jilted Married At First Sight contestants Mick Gould and Tamara Joy walking arm and arm at her 30th birthday in Melbourne recently, Australia really couldn’t be happier.

And it turns out, Mick couldn’t be happier either!

Currently on the show, Mick’s wife Jessika and Tamara’s husband Dan are secretly having an affair and blatantly lying to their partners about it.

While all of us at home feel like throwing something at the TV while watching this cheating go down in each episode, and TBH Mick and Tamara probably felt the same in the beginning, they’re now focusing on moving forward with each other!

Mick spoke with TV Week about striking up a rumoured romance with Tamara, saying that he thought the experts should have paired them together in the first place.


“I wish I was paired with Tamara,” he admitted. “Great chick – and real!”

Mick has constantly said on this season that he didn’t want a partner who lied or someone who was fake.

He then hinted that it was actually Jess and Dan’s secret affair that brought him and Tam closer together.

“It was absolutely appalling to find out Jess and Dan were playing up behind Tamara’s and my back. I don’t think they realised that if they left the experiment they wouldn’t fall off the face of the earth,” Mick explained.

Yep, we were all thinking that Mick don’t you worry.


In case you’ve somehow missed the past three weeks of commitment ceremonies, Jess and Dan have both made excuses to keep their onscreen partners in the experiment for as long as possible so that they could continue their affair.

Mick continued to tell that publication that he thought he had a real connection with Jess in the beginning, but after seeing how she acted on the show he’s now questioning their initial relationship completely.

“Early on I had feelings for Jess, yes. But I think it was just a build-up of emotions over the course of the experiment,” he confessed.

“Jess was on the show for fame,” he claimed. “There is absolutely no doubt about it. Dan and Jess won’t last.”



We’re totally here for this relationship!

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