After deciding to end their ‘marriage’ during last night’s commitment ceremony on Married At First Sight, ‘bride’ Melissa has slammed the show’s relationship experts for pairing her with Dino purely for ‘entertainment’. 

The 38-year-old has spoken to The Daily Telegraph, accusing her ex ‘husband’ of having a ‘rehearsed personality’ when cameras were on. 

“I did think we’ve been put in here as a joke, for entertainment,” she told the publication. “They chose us to be the ones that were completely incompatible”. 

She added, “I felt he had a rehearsed personality that he would put on for cameras or when other people were around.”

Mel also accused the 35-year-old of using his “unconventional” gestures of love during his past reality television appearances, including on Channel Seven’s First Dates last year.

In last night’s episode, both Mel and Dino both decided to ‘leave’ the experiment.

Before announcing their intention to end their ‘marriage’, the couple fought over a secret recording debacle, which saw Dino secretly record Mel on the phone to her sister. Once their decisions were made, Dino proceeded to read out a poem he wrote for Mel.


Married At First Sight continues tonight at 7:30PM on Channel Nine.