From Ines to Sam to Jess and Dan, this season of ‘Married At First Sight’ has been filled to the brim with villainous characters, but was one of our favourite brides the original ‘villain’? 

Woman’s Day has revealed that the producers cast Lizzie with the intention the 27-year-old would become the show’s biggest villain. 

“Producers firstly asked Liz to be the villain and to be the one to cheat this year and asked if any other grooms she [would be interested in],” a source told the publication.

“She was told she could choose anyone and they would try to make it happen and they stressed how famous it would make her so she went along with it.”

The source also claims that the show purposely gave the sales assistant a “witch makeover” to make her wicked persona more believable. 

“They changed her look up before filming to suit the character she would be playing. Her heavy winged eyeliner, dark lip and overdramatic hand gestures were all intentional. She didn’t look like that before the show and it’s telling that she ditched the look as soon as the cameras stopped rolling.”


It is believed that Lizzie was initially intended to be this season’s most controversial brides. 

“You can tell in the way they were setting her up on the one-on-one interviews at her wedding, they were trying to make her out to be a psycho, provoking her to get all the shots of her with her evil eyes,” the source told Woman’s Day. 

It wasn’t until she saw the footage that she refused to become the ‘villain’ and threatened to quit the show altogether.


As a result, they chose Ines. 

“Ines was obviously a lot easier to crack and it wasn’t as much of a stretch for Ines to be the villain,” the source said.

“She was more capable than Lizzie, who they decided in the end was actually a better fit to fill the shoes of Tracey Jewel’s ‘strong, powerful woman’ so they decided to run with that.”

However, it wasn’t all smooth sailing, with fellow participants claiming her on-screen act was completely different to her persona off-camera. 

“Sam requested that he wasn’t left alone with Lizzie unless the cameras were rolling because she acted so different.”

It is also believed that Ines made claims that she was “petrified” of Lizzie during their argument at the girl’s night, and was left “trembling after their encounter”. 


Instead of playing the villain, producers decided she’d be the perfect choice to play the jilted lover.

“They absolutely milked her. She was always having secret meetings and was kept separate from the other cast and given special treatment and her crazy meltdowns were edited out in order to make Sam look bad.”

Fellow contestants also claim the 27-year-old knew about Sam and Ines’ affair, and played along by mysteriously vanishing for a week. 

“No one believes she was actually sick, the whole thing was set up,” the contestant told the publication. “She was pushing Sam’s buttons off camera to bring out the worst in him in order to gain sympathy.”

This isn’t the only reason why this season’s brides and grooms are angry at Liz. 

“She’s done the majority of press following the show and she’s the only contestant promoting brands on Instagram,” one participant admits. 


If this is true, then Liz truly gave an Oscar-winning performance (… or, wait, a Logie-winning, maybe)

Married At First Sight continues tonight from 7:30PM on Channel Nine.


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