While Married At First Sight’s Jessika Power is known for her controversial ways on the reality program, it’s her plump pout that has got everyone talking. 

In an interview with Confidential, the 27-year-old admitted that her lip fillers have been causing her trouble for being ‘too big’. 

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However, the admin assistant claims that they only appear swollen on screen due to the consumption of alcohol, which causes her cosmetic filler to puff up.

“I spoke to my surgeon the other day because I brought it up with her and said ‘everyone’s saying my lips are so big,'” she told the publication. “And she said it’s normal for anyone with lip fillers, when you drink they swell”. 


Over the past six weeks, Jessika has been ridiculed for her inflated lips, with some claiming it severely affects her speech. 

This isn’t the first cosmetic procedure the reality star has undergone with a Western Australian dental clinic sharing photos of her teeth, before and after getting veneers

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